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Aven Care Providers [ACP] is a California State Licensed Home Care Agency and an approved Personal Care Assistance (PCA) Service Provider for California Department of Developmental Services Programs established through 21 Regional Centers all across the State of California. We are dedicated to strengthening and preserving communities and families by under-girding programs available to school-age children, youth and adults within home settings, foster-care settings, school settings, group home environments and residential facilities. ACP is dedicated to promoting the health, safety, emotional and social development of our Clients, and also to facilitate the consumer’s capacity for independent living and economic self-sufficiency. ACP's Personal Care Assistance Program Services offer temporary relief Personal Care Assistants/Home Care Aides to families who are caring for children and adults with developmental disabilities and other forms of ill health. Planned personal assistance is respite time offered to working families to give them support while they work. It is a vital part of the continuum of family services intended to reduce family stress and thereby helps preserve the family unit and improve the overall quality of life for our program participants and their families. It prevents possible abuse and neglect situations and minimizes the need for out-of-home placements while protecting the health and well-being of both Caregivers and Clients. The Agency’s strength lies in the number and availability of her employees who have been exceptionally prepared and are ready for immediate deployment. TYPES OF CLIENTS WHO WILL BE SERVED IN OUR PERSONAL CARE ASSISTANCE (PCA) PROGRAM Clients of all ages; Clients with Very low risk and highly fragile physical and medical conditions; Behaviorally challenging Clients; Ambulatory and Non-Ambulatory Clients; Clients from all ethnic groups, no matter the degree or type of disability. ACP ADMISSION CRITERIA INTO PERSONAL CARE ASSISTANCE (PCA) PROGRAM Clients who have been qualified by the Regional Center as developmentally disabled and have been authorized in writing by the referring Regional Center to receive Personal Assistance Program Services; The Client and/or authorized Client representative consent to the Service; The Client's IPP includes objectives that can be met by ACP's Personal Care Assistance Program Services offers/Staff; Has an approved Purchase of Service allowing the Client to partake in the Personal Care Assistance Program. DISCHARGE CRITERIA FOR CLIENTS OF OUR PERSONAL CARE ASSISTANCE (PCA) PROGRAM Services are no longer appropriate; The Client/legal guardian chooses to leave services; The Client refuses to participate in available services; The Client expires; The Client has presented conduct dangerous to self or others that is not manageable through behavior intervention techniques, medication and/or environmental adjustments; Funding for services is no longer available; A request by referring agency to Aven Care Providers for termination of services; Client develops medical condition that is no longer manageable and must be hospitalized; Where a Client is perceived to be non-compliant with the Equal Employment Opportunity tenets on subject matters like Sexual Harassment and Discrimination or inadvertently allows Drug/Alcohol abuse, Hazardous or Unsafe Work Environment, Aven Care Providers will regrettably, withdraw her services. Coming Soon...
To ensure the delivery of quality staffing services by medical and non-medical professionals who are background checked & skills assessed to bring the name of Aven Care Providers.
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