Independent Living Program(ILS)
ACP's Independent Living Services (ILS) program assists Consumer 18 years and above, living with developmental disabilities transitioning from a more restrictive living arrangement such as community or developmental center residential placement, or from the family home to live in an independent or semi-independent environment to have the opportunity to reach their maximum potential in the most “normal”, least restrictive environment. Each person has a role to play in life regardless of individual circumstances and impediments. Independent Living Services encompasses of varying levels of care, supervision, training and support which are provided by Direct Support Professionals (DSP). The care plan is based on Consumer’s strengths, needs and critical skills deficit areas of independent living, as identified in each Consumer's Individual Service Plan (ISP). The ISP is a Person- Centered Plan which is driven by the Consumer and elaborates on the Consumer's preference. Support areas include: Daily living skills; Physical coordination; Behavioral self-control; Choice- making; Self-Advocacy; Locating and Using Community/Generic Resources, Emergency Assistance; Managing Financial Affairs; Building and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships /Circle of Support; Parenting; Dealing with law enforcement in forensic matters; Habilitation and Work Related Activities, etc. TYPES OF CONSUMERS TO BE SERVED IN THE ILS PROGRAM Regional Center Qualified Consumers Who Will Be Served Include: Consumers with court involvement, diversion and/or probation; Pregnancy or with children needing parenting skills; Consumers needing assistance with some activities of daily living; Consumers from all ethnic groups, no matter the degree or type of disability. CLIENT ADMISSION CRITERIA INTO ILS PROGRAM The Consumer is at least 18 years of age The Consumer is living in their home or, plans to move into a home of their own The Consumer and/or authorized Consumer representative agree to the Service The Consumer's IPP includes objectives that can be met by ACP's ILS Program/Staff Consumer/Clients who have been certified by the Regional Center as developmentally disabled and have been authorized in writing by the Regional Center to receive Independent Living Services Has an approved Purchase of Service allowing the Consumer to partake in the ILS Program CLIENT DISCHARGE CRITERIA OUT OF ILS PROGRAM Services are no longer appropriate; The Consumer completes and maintains the skills taught to him/her; The Consumer/legal guardian chooses to leave services; The Consumer refuses to participate in available services; The Consumer expires; The Consumer has presented conduct dangerous to self or others that is not manageable through behavior intervention techniques, medication and/or environmental adjustments; Funding for services is no longer available; A request by referring agency to Aven Care Providers for termination of services; Consumer develops medical condition that is no longer manageable and must be hospitalized; Where, a Client is perceived to be non-compliant with the Equal Employment Opportunity tenets on subject matters like Sexual Harassment and Discrimination or inadvertently allows Drug/Alcohol abuse, Hazardous or Unsafe Work Environment, Aven Care Providers will regrettably, withdraw her services. Coming Soon...
To ensure the delivery of quality staffing services by medical and non-medical professionals who are background checked & skills assessed to bring the name of Aven Care Providers.
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